About DICF Church

Family since 1992

The History of DICF

Delhi International Christian Fellowship (DICF) started in 1992 as a home-fellowship group led by David Hudson. As we grew larger our gatherings took us to the Hyatt Hotel on Sunday mornings.  For several years, guest speakers were invited to lead the small weekly worship meetings. Since then, a number of expat pastors (Rich Tevis, Karl Smith, Phil Oswald and Mike Crichton) have served part- or full-time to build and grow the DICF community.

Key DICF beliefs:

1. We are God-centered 

DICF exists for God. In every person and program, God comes first.

2. We are Bible-based 

DICF lives by the Bible. Bible teaching permeates every program because we want to know, understand and live God’s Word.

3. We are Outward-oriented

DICF serves the broader expatriate community in order to offer them a place in the church and show them the love of Christ.

4. We are Disciples 

Disciple-making is happening when DICF members live as authentic Christians – especially under stress, and especially in demonstrating Christian love in relationships with others.

5. We are Kingdom-builders

The kingdom of Jesus Christ is far greater than any or denomination and includes loyal followers of Jesus all over the world. We are serious about growing His Kingdom.

Join us this Sunday at 10:30am